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Handycrafts Lovers

We are Handycrafts lovers, we cannot help it. We love what we do, and our products and creations are the result of our experiencing of different cultures and extensive travelling around the world.

Having travelled extensively and experienced different cultures, we soaked up many feelings and emotions. Following this cocktail of experiences, we exceeded the desire to bring a variety of products, jewellery and souvenirs to Malaga. We decided to move the rich diversity of cultures to our store, selecting each product gently and also making some of our own according to traditional means, such as our bracelets and necklaces.

Step into our world of textures and colours, you need not go far to ignite your senses! Original handmade, scents of the Orient, exotic jewellery... These reminiscences of distant lands can now be found here. Located in the Muelle Uno Open-Air Shopping Center, Handycrafts offers products for decoration, clothing and accessories.

No matter the occasion you are sure to find the perfect gift at Handycrafts Malaga. From Indonesia to Turkey, we have selected the best and most unique articles offering a mix that will surprise you, from home decor items, Feng Shui, to incense and Tibetan bowls.

If you want to treat yourself, a friend or find an original detail, we will have it., and we have no doubt that at Handycrafts you will find the most original souvenirs of all Malaga!



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